Senior Services Drivers


Convenient Caring Service

Our senior services drivers provide a means for clients to enjoy continued independence while receiving the highest level of service

Many of our senior services clientele still lead active lifestyles but driving is problematic for various reasons.

Don’t allow conflicting schedules, family travel plans or the unavailability of relatives in the area be a deterrent from leading an active

and rewarding lifestyle. Your Senior Services Driver is a click or call away, so you can maintain self reliance. We’re always at your service!

Senior Services Drivers are sensitive to specific needs & assist with a wide range of tasks.

  • Medical appointments: Have your Senior Services Driver take you to doctor’s appointments
  • Daily Activities: Use your Senior Services Driver for shopping, pharmacy, visit family, friends or clubs
  • Physical assistance: Your Senior Services Driver can render assistance when needed
  • Errands: Your Senior Services Driver can ensure the accomplishments of cumbersome tasks
  • Safety & Convenience: Your Senior Services Driver provides an added safety benefit while simplifying your schedule
  • Prompt, Courteous & Professional: Your Senior Services Driver is always on time, friendly, & dedicated to your needs

Requests may be made for a chauffeured vehicle or chauffeur only based on specific need. call or click to reserve today!

Senior Services Drivers Qualifications

Our Senior Service Drivers are professionals who are fully screened prior to obtaining employment, which includes:

  • Criminal background check
  • Pre-employment & random drug tests
  • Driving record check
  • Defensive driving course
  • Performance evaluation of a driving test complete with scenarios
  • Verification of insurability

Our sharply attired chauffeurs are not contracted; they are employees of our company and are available for your convenience 24 hours daily. All employees must sign a non-disclosure (confidentiality) agreement prior to obtaining employment, because we value your privacy & believe your information should be handled with discretion.