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December 20, 2018
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Prom Tips

Prom is an exciting event for high school juniors and seniors. A time to enjoy the company of friends and celebrate the final years of high school. We want you to travel safely & in comfort – a little style wouldn’t hurt either. Handle prom like a pro with these tips. Prom is your time to turn up; girls, if you’re going to go big with the hair, make sure you do a trial run first. If doing your hair and makeup yourself, try it out a few times before the actual prom. YouTube is a great place to find great tutorials and awesome hair and makeup looks! Buy your dress in advance; you don’t want to be stressed out looking at countless dresses in the weeks leading up to prom. by then they all look the same. Wear comfortable shoes; your feet will thank you by the end of the night. Remember, prom is supposed to be fun! So don’t freak about your date, your dress, or your plans. Try to plan as much in advance as possible to ensure it’s a great night! Mishaps on prom night can happen any given moment. Your outfit might get a drink spilled on it, your makeup may melt and make you look clownish – or you may suddenly hit the floor. Since girls are most likely to suffer from these mishaps, it’s best to have in your bag some touch-up and emergency stuff like make-up, band-aids, tissues just in case. It’s a lot tougher for guys as they don’t normally take a carry bag in. Best to ask your date to let you share a small section of her clutch for a few essentials like a small deodorant, gum etc. Guys, be gentlemen, it’s the best way to make evening go great. Pick a reliable transportation company to get you to and from prom safely. Reserve a personal driver it’s one less thing to worry about. We know you want your prom memories to last you FOREVER, so make sure that you or your friends are snapping tons of pics.

Enjoy Prom!

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