Pricing and Discounts

Review our rates below for the vehicle that suits your needs

Chauffeured vehicles for hire hourly 

Vehicle Requirement Rate # Passengers
LUX Sedan 6hr minimum $110/hr 1-3
Elite Sedan 8hr minimum $140/hr 1-3
SUV 8hr minimum $125/hr 4-6
LUX SUV 8hr minimum $145/hr 4-6
Van 10hr minimum $135/hr 10-12
Stretch Limo 8hr minimum $165/hr 10
Sprinter 10hr minimum $155/hr 12
SUV Limo 10hr minimum $220/hr 12-16
Party Bus 12hr minimum $250/hr 18-20
Mini Bus 12hr minimum $205/hr 25-33
Motor Coach 12hr minimum $275/hr 56

Airport & Local Transfers (offered only if booking hourly service)

Vehicle Requirement Rate # Passengers
Sedan Flat rate (Fees May Apply) $115 1-3
SUV Flat rate (Fees May Apply) $175 4-6
Limo Flat rate (Fees May Apply) $210 10
LUX SUV Flat rate (Fees may apply) $195  4-6
SUV Limo Flat rate (Fees may apply) $350 12-14
Sprinter Flat rate (Fees may apply) $395 12
Mini Bus Flat rate (Fees May Apply) $445 25-33
Motor Coach Flat rate (Fees May Apply) $625 56
  1. Charges are assessed in hourly increments after minimum requirement is met (some exceptions may apply).
  2. Additional fees may apply in some cases (fuel for out of area trips, gratuity, tolls, parking, etc.)
  3. If wait time exceeds 15 minutes for local or transfer to airports, 30 minutes for inbound & one hour after flight arrival for international flights, additional charges will apply.
Our price list reflects rates in most of our markets; but is subject to change depending on individual requirements & the city in which service will be rendered. Please contact us to discuss your specific circumstance or for information about special requests. Our price list also does not reflect all vehicles in our fleet or that's available to us through our affiliates, call for specific vehicle selection and rates.