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How To Prepare For A Trip To Miami

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If you’re interested in taking a trip to Miami this season, perhaps to get away from the cold, there are some things you should keep in mind as you pack and prepare, which we’ve outlined here to help you get ready for some fun in the Sunshine State.


The first thing to consider carefully is what you pack. A lot of people make assumptions about what they’ll need based on the time of year, and best guesses. We’re here to help give you some specific knowledge about what to bring.

  1. Sunscreen – Yes, even in fall. Florida is the Sunshine State for a good reason, and if you plan on being out in the sun any more than an hour, you’ll still need sunscreen.
  2. Umbrella – If you’ve been to Florida in the summer, you’ll have experienced our warm rains. They persist in the fall, but are often longer and cooler.
  3. Long sleeves and light layers – There will be the occasional chill, but all you’ll need to handle it is a light jacket or sweater, and maybe some long-sleeve shirts.


Fall is something of an “off-season” for tourism, so you can count on reduced traffic and wait times and fewer crowds, of smaller sizes. As with any trip, you should plan the activities you’re interested in ahead of time. And if you’d like to really increase your convenience and time spent on activities, consider hiring a driver from Safeway Drivers to conduct you around the city. Our highly professional and friendly drivers can ensure that you spend your trip doing what you want, rather than looking for what you want to do.

Contact us any time to find out about our available services. Regardless of how long you’ll be here, we know that our chauffeured vehicles can accommodate you!

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