General Services Agreement

The Customer desires to retain the services of SAFEWAY DRIVERS, INC. to provide chauffeur(s) and, or chauffeured vehicle(s) needed at the times and places requested or directed by the Customer. Hours are expended and billed in one hour increments after minimum hourly requirement is met.  Hours may be expended by the Customer or authorized agent. SAFEWAY DRIVERS, INC. agrees to provide the Customer with service requested under the following terms and conditions.

    1. Insurance. SAFEWAY DRIVERS, INC. represents and warrants that vehicles it provides are insured for both personal injury & liability in the form of policy and in the minimum amount required by state law. The Customer agrees and represents to SAFEWAY DRIVERS, INC. that privately owned or rented vehicle provided for chauffeurs’ operation is insured for both personal injury, liability & collision in the form of policy and in the minimum amount required by state law, regardless of whom the driver of the vehicle may be.
    2. Payment for Services. Payment must be posted by providing SAFEWAY DRIVERS, INC. with a valid major credit card number, expiration date, Card Security Code, and any other information that may be required to execute payment.  The Customer authorizes SAFEWAY DRIVERS, INC. to debit his/her credit card account for services rendered. Charges may be applied before or after the provision of service.  The Customer is entitled to an invoice/receipt sufficiently detailing the services provided.  The Customer is liable to Safeway Drivers, Inc. for all cost incurred in the collection of outstanding fees should credit card be declined
    3. Expenses. All expenses associated with the operation of service vehicle, such as gasoline, oil, other fuel, tolls, towing charges, parking fees, cosmetic maintenance, repairs attributable to pre-existing conditions, etc. are the responsibility of SAFEWAY DRIVERS, INC., in instances where the vehicle is provided by the company; subject to the following exception: Fuel when traveling beyond 40 mile radius of the city (chargeable at current rate per mile; subject to change) parking fees & tolls.  The above expenses are the customer’s responsibility if SAFEWAY DRIVERS does not provide the vehicle.
    4. Reservations. A minimum of 72 hours advance notice is suggested when making reservation requests.
    5. Cancellations. The dollar amount of cancellation fees vary depending on the scope of the reservation (i.e. limo, bus, length of service period, # of vehicles or drivers, etc.).  Under normal circumstances cancellations are subject to a 6hr minimum fee if notice is received less than 72 hours in advance.  The minimum charge also applies in any event where a driver is dispatched to locations requested by the Customer, whether or not service is rendered. Customer agrees to provide reasonable notice in advance of any change to pick up times and/or locations requested.  SAFEWAY DRIVERS, INC. will be held harmless for any loss monetary or otherwise, resulting from its inability to provided timely service, in the event reasonable notice of change was not received.
    6. Termination of Contract. Either party may terminate the agreement at any time for; fees and penalties may apply per agreed upon terms.
    7. Solicitations. Customer agrees to make all arrangements for service directly with office personnel, and not solicit drivers for service in any capacity. Financial compensation may be sought for infractions
    8. Indemnification. Chauffeur Services: The Customer agrees and understands that his/her automobile insurance policy shall be the primary insurance policy for the satisfaction of any and all claims or damage. Safeway Drivers Inc will be financially responsible for $500 of the client’s deductible if a company driver is deemed at fault in an accident Chauffeured vehicle: SAFEWAY DRIVERS, INC. represents and warrants that its automobile insurance policy shall be the primary insurance policy for the satisfaction of any and all claims or damage.  The Customer agrees to indemnify SAFEWAY DRIVERS, INC. from any and all losses if any, it may suffer as the result of claims and litigation made against it arising from the transport of the customer and other passengers for any and all damages not covered by SAFEWAY DRIVERS, INC.’s insurance policy, other than actions which constitute gross negligence or willful misconduct.
    9. Arbitration. This contract is governed by Texas law.  All disputes arising under this contract shall be submitted to binding arbitration before the American Arbitration Association in Harris County, Texas

The foregoing terms are hereby accepted and agreed to.