+ How does Safeway Drivers work?
+ How long can I use my chauffer?
+ When does billable time start?
+ How do I get billed?
+ What happens to my car while I’m at my meeting, appointment, dinner, etc.?
+ If my meeting or engagement finishes earlier or later than expected, how do I contact my driver?
+ How do I pay for service?
+ Does Safeway Drivers offer discounts?
+ Are your chauffeurs employees or contracted?
+ What is standard attire for my chauffeur?
+ Can I reserve the same driver whenever I use Safeway?
+ Can I reserve a car and a driver with Safeway?
+ Why does my chauffeur have to perform an inspection of my vehicle?
+ What items are checked?
+ Should I tip my chauffeur?
+ What do I do if I want to cancel my reservation?
+ How far in advance can I make a reservation?
+ Can I make a same day reservation?
+ What about insurance?