Designated Driver Service

                                      Designated Driver Service

Designated Driver Service

A designated driver service is recommended to avoid drinking and driving. Safeway Drivers offers designated driver service to safely transport you in the comfort of your personal vehicle to and from night clubs, restaurants, special events, or entertainment venues where alcohol may be consumed. Reserve our designated driver service & eliminate the risk of getting a DWI.

Why A Designated Driver

Reserve a designated driver service when attending a concert, visiting wineries, on pub crawls, or a quite dinner; its the smart thing to do. A designated driver service ensures you have a safe ride home. You can freely enjoy the evening with friends and family while your designated driver service navigates the city in your vehicle, or one provided from our fleet.

Designated driver service in our all of our markets assures safety & discretion while adding a touch of class & sophistication. Each designated driver is proudly dedicated to your comfort and attentive to your needs.

Reserve Your Designated Driver

Making a reservation takes ten minutes, your costs is minimal & the benefits are priceless. Simply select a time for your designated driver to report to your home & we’ll take care of the rest. Click on our pricelist to obtain rates. Safeway Drivers’ designated driver service offers a high level of convenience, flexibility and comfort.  You no longer have to be concerned with traffic, parking problems, long valet lines, & most importantly, how much anyone had to drink; all while receiving convenient door-to-door service from one of our friendly designated drivers. Please, let us do the driving!

Designated Drivers for Company Parties

Research statistics show on average two in three people will be involved in a drunk driving crash in their lifetime, most likely you’ve been directly affected by a drunk driver or know someone who has. Companies reduce their liability by hiring a designated driver service for holiday & private parties to enjoy peace of mind knowing at the end of the evening, their guests have safe, reliable transportation back to their home or hotel. Reservation of one or multiple designated drivers can be made for events based on anticipated attendance.

Click To Read DWI Facts

It doesn’t take alot of alcohol to become impaired, so please plan in advance. Safeway Drivers through its deignated driver service is committed to offering a safe reliable option to our customers in hope of reducing the growing number of tragedies resulting from DUI’s & DWI’s. Though the number have been deceasing; 9,967 people were killed in drunk driving crashes in 2014. The penalties & fines for first DWI conviction include minimum $2000 fine, class B misdemeanor, confinement in jail for not less than 72 hours, minimum 3 months license suspension, increase in insurance premium and various work related ramifications.[/vc_column_text]