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4 Ways To Know You’re Getting A Good Chauffeur

Chauffeur services are great for people with busy schedules who would rather not spend time hunting down parking in a busy city, or those who have very hectic lifestyles. As convenient as they can be, it’s important to make sure that if you pay for a chauffeur service, you’re getting a good one. Here are some tips from your friends at Safeway Drivers to help you spot a good service.


This should be the baseline requirement. Any company you consider should give you a sense that safety is paramount. Ask questions & research their history for multiple accidents, ask about their safety & operating standards. Aside from answers received what does your gut tell you?


Speak with someone in management regarding operating procedures. Do drivers wear a uniform, or is there a standard dress code? These minor points help to determine the character & integrity of an organization. If they don’t have uniform or dress code this could be telling of the type of service you can expect to receive. Your chauffeur is somewhat an extension of your image, and makes a statement about you, so make sure it’s a good one.

The Fleet

Check website for the types & styles of vehicles in their fleet. Ask questions about the age of their vehicles. They won’t all be new, but they should not be ancient either; unless of course it’s a vintage fleet. While the style of vehicle you choose to be chauffeured in is based on personal taste, you do want to ensure that the vehicles are well maintained for various reasons, least of which is safety. It’s great to have amenities, but you should feel confident that your selected vehicle has all safety features intact & your chauffeur service places a premium on safety & maintenance.


Lastly, but certainly not least, shop around for the right price. Compare rates and features, and you should be able to quickly narrow down which chauffer service is right for you while sticking close to your budget. The old saying “you get what you pay for” still holds true.

Your team at Safeway Drivers is committing to exceeding expectations in all these aspects. Whether you’re in town on business and need one of our chauffeured vehicles or just need a driver for your own car, we can help. For more information, visit us online or contact us any time!

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